• Scout8382

    Me and Billy Bass

    June 27, 2016 by Scout8382

    Way back when I was small, I was Deathly afraid of singing fish. It started when my Grandpa received a Billy Bass for his birthday, and every time my parents took me to the store, I wanted to see the fish, but when they took one down from the shelf and pushed the button for me, I FREAKED OUT!!!

    It wasn't until the Christmas of 2000 when my uncle gave a Travis Trout I liked it so much that in no time I had whore it out and pretty much broke every moving part on it. Then one summer while I was taking a nap, my Travis Trout was sold to another happy young boy at my family's garage sale. I was sort of upset a few years later when I found out it had been sold, but again, I didn't really care that much as I had plenty of other toys to keep me com…

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